Digital League Online held on 1st Oct 2020

Greetings fellow Tamers!

We just held our first online league for Digimon Card Game via our Discord ( for Singaporean and Malaysian Tamers. This was previously limited to Singaporeans only due to prize mailing constraints however our very kind Tamer from Malaysia (Alif) volunteered his service to help his fellow Malaysian Tamers with the entry fees as well as the collection of prizes. A detailed event and prizes format can be found in our Discord.

(Details of our online league)

There were 10 Tamers who participated. We started on time and 45 minutes were catered for each rounds (best of 3). A total of 3 Swiss rounds were played and the results were:

1st Shang, Blue Ulforce | 2nd Shin, Purple Piedmon | 3rd Allan, Rookie Rush

Shang's winning Ulforce Decklist!

Despite many Tamers' first time playing online via a webcam, the league went pretty well with almost zero hiccups. We will make this a regular event where players can chill and play at the comfort of their own home. Hopefully we can expand it to more overseas players as well with further plannings. ^__^

We also discovered one of our Tamers (Dennis) is an expert in Minimalism:

Credits: Dennis

Special thanks to Nick sama for helping us to broadcast and stream some of the matches! Do check our his Facebook page and subscribe to his Youtube channel for future Digimon Card Game related contents! =)

Also special thanks to the planners (Alvin, James, Yue Zhi) for painstakingly brainstorming out the fine details for this online league.

See you guys next Saturday at 2.30pm (GMT+8) for our second league session! <3

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