Setting up to play Digimon Card Game on Discord

Hello everyone! Today I will be introducing several ways to play Digimon Card Game on Discord. The first method is the easiest if you have a webcam. But first you need to download discord ( and register an account first. Webcam games will be played via Voice Channels which allows video conferencing on our channel (

You might need a smartphone holder or a tripod to secure the webcam to show the top-down view of your play area. Your computer or laptop will serve as a screen to see your opponent's view. An good example of using webcam and laptop:

However, if you don't have a webcam, you can use your mobile phone to "act" as the webcam to capture your play area. You just need to register an additional discord account and that sub-account, which is tagged to your mobile will be use to project the play-area video. However, to view your opponent's side, you will need either a laptop or a tablet with your another account to be on the same voice channel. Alternatively, you can download apps like Droidcam for iOS or Android for your phone to act as a webcam connecting to your computer.

A few good examples of using smartphones as webcams:

Please note that after you are done setting up and entered the voice channel with your two accounts if you are using the smartphone method you will see multiple screens in the voice channel. Additionally, there might be a judge inside the voice channel spectating the game but you do not want to see his screen and only want to focus on your opponent's card area, you can toggle the setting by clicking the "three dots" on the top right hand corner of your screen. Uncheck the option as shown:

(You can even toggle the layout by clicking the layout icon on the left)

I hope that this guide will be useful for you in setting up Digimon Card Game for online play via our Discord Channel! (

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