Digimon Card Game Retro Series Twin Playmat Grey [Free Shipping]

Digimon Card Game Retro Series Twin Playmat Grey [Free Shipping]

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We know that you deserved something BIGGER. We know that you would want to share your love and joy with your good pal. We know that TWO, is better than one...

Introducing our latest Retro Series Twin Playmat! This specially designed mat consist of designs from our Ver1.0 and Ver2.0 playmats so you can have the best of both worlds. The single memory gauge right in the middle of the mat helps you both to keep track of your available memory and the ever perfect card zoning helps both of you to keep your cards in place. This twin mat will definitely be a real eye-candy for your streaming matches or tournaments!

Measurements of this twin are 60 x 70cm, just the right size for any tables and all twin mats comes with a complimentary suede felt cloth storage pouch for easy portability. All mats are personally printed and checked by our staffs so you can be assured of the quality in our playmats. Get yours today with free shipping worldwide!

*All mats will be printed without any logo or watermark*

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