Omnimon Chibi Playmat [Free Shipping]
Omnimon Chibi Playmat [Free Shipping]

Omnimon Chibi Playmat [Free Shipping]

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The Tamers' favourite Royal Knight is here! Let Omegamon (オメガモン) lead you to victories with its invincible "Grey Sword" and "Brave Shield Omega"!

Cho Sugoi's playmats are of very high quality, we use mats that are TWICE as thick. Our amazing artwork are printed on 2mm mats. It is very durable and made to last. You can even continue to use it as a gaming mousepad after you are done with your tabletop gaming! 

Every order of our playmat comes with a complimentary, specially designed printed storage pouch so you can keep your mats away safely while still admiring the beautiful artwork. Every mat is checked thoroughly, packed with love, before shipping it over to you. You can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality product from us.

Dimensions are 60x35cm. All mats will be printed without any logo or watermark.

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